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PRECIOSA: Destined to Dazzle SS 2024


Defined by its sensorial color palette of hyper saturated brights like Blue Violet, Synesthesia blends emotion-fueled creativity with mood-boosting embellishment. 

Vivid, tropical prints and nature-inspired motifs get a digital upgrade, abstracting clean lines and making it impossible to tell where one design element ends and another other begins.

Refresh the timeless ombré effect through crystal color paletting. Saturated, candy-colored hues like Blue Violet, Purple Velvet and Indian Pink tingle the senses and arouse emotion. A celebration of neurodiversity, this trend informs patterns, colors and silhouettes, and furthers fashion as an experiential medium

TREND FORECAST OtherworLdly Glamour

Otherworldly Glamour champions hyper shiny
metallic embellishment and charismatic day-to-night transition pieces for spring-summer. Subtle sheen fabrics and futuristic textiles are enhanced with hardware and rich crystal detailing.
Accessibility is key for this direction, which is being driven by emerging designers and the rise of the metaverse.

Surrealistic detailing is central to this direction. Abstract, intricate motifs take on Picasso-like beauty when viewed as a whole
and are elevated with metallic-coated crystal embellishment.
Key for transitional jewelry and accessories, small size flatback shapes like Baguettes and Navettes are perfect for creating on-trend arrangements.

TREND FORECAST Bohemian Alchemist

Bohemian Alchemist heralds the return of festival-friendly styling and the perfect opportunity to incorporate several of this season’s crystal innovations. 

Inspired by our reinvigorated fascination with mysticism, astrology and soft magic, Bohemian Alchemist fuels hyper personalized accents and embellishment. 

This trend’s overall aesthetic focuses on true hippie throwback style and flowing, patchwork textiles with planetary motifs being key.

Consider upcycling pre-worn and second-hand pieces with prefabricated Preciosa hotfix crystal transfers or add a psychedelic twist to embellishment with our reintroduced Polychromatic coatings for Chaton Roses MAXIMA

NEW COLOR blue Violet

Unlike its namesake blossom, there is nothing common or basic about Blue Violet. A mystical blend of electric purple and ultramarine, this sensorial shade evokes serenity, self-assurance and optimism. 

Blue Violet’s hyper-saturated sheen
packs plenty of trans-seasonal staying power,
guaranteed to add a touch of elusive je ne sais quoi to even the haute-st of couture catwalks.

Chaton Roses MAXIMA
Chaton Roses VIVA 12®
No Hotfix and Hotfix
Sizes: ss5-ss34

Range Extension. new sizes


Simple yet sleek, our Baguette flatback now comes in an additional smaller size in all the same luminous shades, generating brand-new possibilities for complex crystal embellishment


Exactly half the size of its larger twin, our newer, smaller Navette flatback is ideal for intricate detailing and comes in the same classic colors and coatings for seamless size combination