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Beads and Pearls

Beads and pearls of various shapes & sizes, solid or hollow, pierced for threading or stringing and ranging in size from 1 mm to over 30mm in diameter, yup, we have them all.
For your next elegant jewellery design or fashion application of any kind, let your imagination run wild perusing our vast collection of beads in many materials including Preciosa beads and pearls.
We also carry a huge assortment of wood beads, plastic, metal, stone and bone beads as well as the ever popular shamballa beads in a complete range of tantalizing colours.
Our semi-precious assortment adds a touch of flair with any material. So vast is this range that we have created a separate section for them on our site. View Semi-precious stones.
Explore our selection and we welcome your questions or requests for assistance to find the bead that is right for your designs….

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